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Astellas Pharma Scientist, Antigen Presentation in Seattle, Washington

Universal Cells is now part of Astellas!

Developing innovative therapies is one of the most challenging, most essential and personally rewarding fields in science. This is the most exciting time to be a part of Astellas, a company with a uniquely collaborative and patient-focused culture

There's something special about working at Astellas. It's reflected in our focus on the people we serve, the way we treat each other and the results we achieve together as a company.

Astellas is announcing a Scientist, Antigen Presentation opportunity at their Universal Cells facility in Seattle, WA.


Universal Cells is seeking an innovative and highly-motivated R&D Scientist for Antigen Presentation, to develop stem cell-derived, engineered, antigen presenting cells to control T cell immune responses. Methods will be established for clonal specific antigen presentation that will inform preclinical studies for autoimmune, allergy, and vaccination applications.

Displays strong investigative or technological orientation with independence of experimental design in both cases by performing complex analytical procedures and implementing new techniques. May oversee lower level researchers in the execution, design and interpretation of experiments. Contributes to the scientific literature, external conferences and/or scientific patents, where applicable. Provides consultation to internal Research and Development groups. May lead some aspect of a project in a small lab group. Has good presentation, written and oral communication skills.

Essential Job Responsibilities:

  • Contribute to the design and engineering strategy to achieve clonal antigen presentation of defined HLA class II molecules presenting specific antigens to T cells.
  • Differentiate gene-edited pluripotent stem cells into functional antigen presenting cells.
  • Assess the impact of engineered antigen presentation on T cells using in vitro assays and animal models.
  • Perform additional editing to modulate T cell responses.
  • Demonstrate strong level of understanding of project goals and methods.
  • Maintain familiarity with scientific literature and apply knowledge appropriately to research project.
  • Present results, interpret data, and draw conclusions from experimental work.
  • Collaborate with teams within Universal Cells and at other Astellas locations.
  • Will collaborate with scientists and research staff in the R&D antigen presentation team, and with scientists in other R&D teams. May have supervisory responsibilities and provides training and guidance to other team members.
  • Serves as a technical resource or subject matter expert on experiment methods and techniques for antigen presentation and T cell biology.



  • PhD degree and 3+ years of post-graduate experience in immunology. BS with 8+, MS with 6+ years of highly relevant experience.
  • Experience with antigen-presentation and T cell assays.
  • Wide experience with in vitro immune cell assays.


  • Experience with CD4+ T cell biology.
  • Experience with regulatory T cells.
  • Experience with stem cells and their differentiation
  • Experience with gene-editing and cell engineering.
  • Experience with animal models.


Equal Opportunity Employer Minorities/Women/Protected Veterans/Disabled

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