Astellas Pharma Research Associate 2, Cell Engineering in Seattle, Washington

Universal Cells is now part of Astellas!

Developing innovative therapies is one of the most challenging, most essential and personally rewarding fields in science. This is the most exciting time to be a part of Astellas, a company with a uniquely collaborative and patient-focused culture.

There's something special about working at Astellas. It's reflected in our focus on the people we serve, the way we treat each other and the results we achieve together as a company.

Astellas is announcing a Research Associate 2, Cell Engineering opportunity at their Universal Cells facility in Seattle, WA.


We are seeking a highly-motivated and energetic Research Associate to join our R&D team to precisely edit and differentiate human pluripotent stem cells and perform phenotypic assays to guide choices for future clinical-grade therapeutic products.

This person will acquire further versatility in routine procedures, more technical knowledge, and more understanding of administrative operations, some troubleshooting. This person will assist with more complex laboratory operation projects, and will take on more responsibility to provide content for various documents and reports. This person will be able to execute protocols with some guidance, and will have ability to summarize results independently.

Essential Job Responsibilities:

  • Perform standard molecular biology techniques, including the design and cloning of gene-editing constructs.
  • Generate edited human pluripotent stem cell lines and use PCR and multiplexed qPCR assays to validate edited clone genotypes.
  • Perform phenotypic analyses of differentiated cells using a variety of techniques, including flow cytometry, microscopy, qPCR, RNA-Seq, and western blotting.
  • Culture mammalian cells, including human pluripotent stem cells.
  • Perform experiments with careful attention to detail. Accurately record all procedures, data, and results.
  • Collaborate with supervisory personnel to design experiments and select appropriate methods and approaches.
  • Interpret data and draw appropriate conclusions from experimental work. Propose follow-up experiments based on results.
  • Communicate research findings in team meetings.
  • Contribute to the collaborative environment of the R&D team.
  • Assist with R&D laboratory management and operations.



  • 3+ years of experience with BS degree in related scientific discipline.
  • 0-2 years of experience with MS degree in related scientific discipline.
  • Broad expertise with molecular biology techniques.
  • Skill with cloning and building constructs.
  • Experience with aseptic mammalian cell culture.
  • Diligence, and meticulous attention to detail in experimentation and record keeping.
    • Willingness to learn and an enthusiasm to be a part of the development of a cutting-edge therapy platform.


  • Experience with gene editing in mammalian cells.
  • Experience with sequence- and genomic- analysis software.
  • Experience with pluripotent stem cell culture.
  • Experience with mammalian cell differentiation.
  • Experience with RNA-Seq.
  • Experience with flow cytometry and imaging.
  • Adept at managing and executing multiple projects.


Equal Opportunity Employer Minorities/Women/Protected Veterans/Disabled

Category Research and Development