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Astellas Pharma Sr Director, Sr Business Producer, Rx+ Business Accelerator in Northbrook, Illinois

Developing innovative therapies is one of the most challenging, most essential and personally rewarding fields in science. This is the most exciting time to be a part of Astellas, a company with a uniquely collaborative and patient-focused culture.

There's something special about working at Astellas. It's reflected in our focus on the people we serve, the way we treat each other and the results we achieve together as a company.

Astellas is announcing a Senior Director, Senior Business Producer, Rx+ Business Accelerator opportunity.

Purpose & Scope of Position:

Senior Business Producer (SBP) reports to Executive Business Producer and is responsible for leading a multi-functional team to implement BAP (Business Accelerate Program). The scope of work includes acquisition of program resources, strategic planning and execution within approved budget. When needed, SBP revisits the governance to authorize changes in BAP scope, timeline and budget. SBP commits to and drives responsible BAP with ownership to build required capability through close collaboration with relevant stakeholders including internal functions, external business collaborators, and external experts who fill any knowledge gap. Overall, SBP takes a role like a president of a small start-up company to establish business feasibility for commercial launch globally. SBP may be assigned to BAP which requires a higher level of commitment handling a complex collaboration structure, a dominated or congested market, unknown customers of Astellas, and/or a program at a stage of business feasibility test or pilot launch for early contribution to Astellas revenue.

Essential Job Responsibilities:

  • Commit to deliver BAP outcome in accordance with approved BAP milestones including designing, prototyping, technology development, clinical proof of concept, business feasibility test and complete business plan.

  • Define BAP team capability required and organize a capable BAP implementation team which may consist of multidisciplinary members represented from Astellas internal functions and external contractors depending on attributes of BAP. When needed, request for member assignments from Astellas organization through the Head of Rx+ BA. Regularly communicate with members' line managers to provide feedback and contribute to team members' development.

  • Lead the implementation team to provide strategic direction and drive the program with ownership and a sense of speed. Define work breakdown structure (WBS) of individual projects, determine a critical path toward a deliverable, and appropriately allocate limited team resource to those most important work packages ("lean team management"). Provide mentorship, coaching, and appropriate feedback to individual team members to foster their commitment to BAP project.

  • Identify appropriate business partners of BAP, determine an appropriate structure of partnership, negotiate and finalize business conditions of partnership in line with Astellas stakeholder expectations.

  • Regularly review scientific and/or business experiment operations and results including resource, budget and performance of individual projects within responsible BAP to determine subsequent experiment plan and business strategy appropriately. Identify major risks of projects to implement appropriate mitigations. Ensure alignment with relevant stakeholders when changes in scope of work, budget, and timeline occur. Timely visit governance to authorize required changes in BAP strategy and scope of work.

  • Closely work with Executive Business Producer (EBP) and regularly visit Rx+ BA Leadership to report progress of individual projects against corporate annual plan and BAP milestones, identified risks and their mitigation plan, and issues which requires escalation and decision making at senior management level.

  • Engage in participating in relevant global expert communities related to BAP to expose it to experts with most advanced technology and science to promote BAP project with its competitive product profile.

  • Clarify value of BAP through insights from observations of customers, utilize available business assessment tools, regularly scan competitive landscape, and communicate them to stakeholders to win their engagement.

  • Provide business plan with multiple scenarios and exit strategy based on insight and results of BAP experiments, i.e., business feasibility test. Propose a structure of new business organization.

Quantitative Dimensions:

  • BAP consist of one or multiple projects at multiple experimental stages spanning prototyping to business feasibility test.

  • SBP is accountable for BAP projects and their annual budget which includes costs for prototype manufacturing, preclinical and clinical studies, acquisition of technology assets, as well as costs for consulting fees and contractors, etc.

  • SBP is also accountable and responsible for delivering BAP milestones in accordance with an approved timeline and budget.

Organizational Context:

  • SBP reports to EBP.

  • SBP organizes and leads a multi-disciplinary BAP team which consists of representatives from other functions of Astellas, e.g., Drug Discovery Research, Pharmaceutical Technology, Medical and Development, Commercial organizations, Legal, Ethics and Compliance, finance, and external contractors.

  • SBP may represent Astellas in a collaboration program with a partner company(ies).

Required Qualifications:

  • Bachelor's degree

  • Strong commitment to BAP with expressed insights on an issue of business interest

  • Ability to handle a complex issue with expressed enthusiasm and passion

  • Articulated science and business rationale to effectively communicate with global stakeholders.

  • Experience of leading multidisciplinary global team and coordination skills. Lean team management and strategic focus.

  • Effective presentation skillset and achieved contributions to decision making by the top management

  • Has built organization-wide network of trust and credibility

  • Has built external network of own expertise to connect Astellas to various external resources

  • Proactive communication and leadership skills beyond hierarchical authority.

  • Ability to work with sense of speed.

  • Respect diversity and cultural difference.

  • Fluent in business English.

Preferred Qualifications:

  • 3+ years' experience in the Rx+ relevant business area or experience of the commercial or business development role in pharmaceutical business preferable

  • An MS, MBA or Business experiences with a specialty or equivalent experience in the Rx+ or other related specialties preferred.


Category RX+ Business Accelerator

Astellas is committed to equality of opportunity in all aspects of employment. EOE including Disability/Protected Veterans